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  • 21 Apr 2017
    Carrie Taylor: How did the idea come about?Sarah Dwyer-Shick: Through soccer-related travel suit underwear in South America and Africa, it became clear to me that encouraging and providing programming for girls and women to play in areas where sport is traditionally open only to men was not enough. Even when programming was available, girls and women were often hesitant to participate because they lacked appropriate equipment – i. e. a simple sports bra – that would provide the needed support and coverage important for modesty and cultural considerations. Without a sports bra even the best run, well-intentioned program became inaccessible.In 2014, I traveled to Namibia. I had the opportunity to meet and work with Jackie Gertze. She is one of the driving forces behind both the development of the Namibian National Women’s soccer team and an amazing network of programming though Galz & Goals which gives both best underwear education and the chance to play sports to females throughout Maltahohe, namibia. The ethnic and logistical barriers will be significant. Also realize the lack of a simple sports idealiskt as an extra barrier looked ridiculous. The modest number of new activities bras Thought about brought had been eagerly recognized by the aged players, quite a few members of this national staff who had been playing without. I needed to do even more.
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Sports 42 views Apr 21, 2017
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Carrie Taylor: What is the Sports cheap underwear Bra Project?
Sarah Dwyer-Shick: Whether worn for comfort or modesty, the sports bra is an essential piece of equipment needed to provide girls and women the freedom to participate in sports. In areas where resources are limited and participation opportunities for females are already scarce, not having suit underwear a sports bra can become an insurmountable barrier to participation in sports and athletic activities. By partnering with already existing programs and organizations the “Sports Bra Project” is working to change that.

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