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Sports 1,110 views Sep 04, 2017
FIFA 18 Coins Hack Free Points 2018 coin generator

EA Sports presents a masterful trailer for The Journey 2: Hunter Returns

Last year, EA Sports introduced the first real story mode in FIFA history and immediately became a hit. You got into the skin of talent Alex Hunter and your task was to get his talent out at a Premier League club of your choice. In FIFA 18, Alex Hunter returns to  The Journey 2: Hunter Returns. EA just launched the trailer and all we can say is: wow!

The Journey 2: Hunter Returns

The trailer immediately becomes clear that it will be more extensive than last season and you will be given the opportunity to go to clubs in different countries. In addition, he has a lot of publicity, problems, important choices FIFA 18 Ultimate team hacks and big luxury that belongs to a star player. It promises to be even bigger, better and more complex than part 1. Check the terribly fat trailer below.


You see Alex Hunter above in different venues like Real Madrid and PSG. Just some teams you can transfer to. However, there are more foreign competitions where you can seek your happiness. Check out which competitions are all.  September 29th can not be fast enough here!

As an amateur club in the lower classes, you do not have the luxury of impartial flags and that makes quite a lot of dissatisfaction, very softly expressed. The amateur flaggers have their own unwritten FIFA 18 Coins Generator rulebook, which, in a very understandable way, always favors their clippie. The odds that your flagger adheres to these rules is 99%.

Doubt = benefit own team

Whether it's out of doors, a corner, free kick or simple throw-in, doubtless, your border judge will be in favor of his own team. Opponents often give him the wind, but that does not prevent him from doing the same thing again the next time. Skipper for the flagger.

Handle a gray area of 1 meter

He knows the outline rule, but he uses a variation on it. He calculates everything up to one meter 'not out of play' as an outside game. Such a small piece is almost impossible to see and not at all for the referee.

In line with the defense walk is not necessary

His sight is so good that he does not really have to run with the last man to see if the opponent's head is out of control. At least, he thinks. Or he can not track it of course.

In the last minute, there are no flags in the last minute

Your team is about to enter an important victory until the counterattack of the match ends in the 93rd minute. However, the flag goes up. Why? No idea, try to get it right? Maybe that divorce is so stupid to believe it, and then you have a nice 3 points.

At least one discussion with the match by match

Since the divorce is impartial, he will occasionally question his decisions by the judge. Otherwise, of course, too. In the example of the opposition above: The referee raises his flag up, but the referee counts him. Astuces FIFA 18 The flagger stays up with the flag up until the divorce story comes. Does he have a discussion again?

Sure that the ball is not in the right place

If the opponent gets a free kick, he is slim sharp. 'Referee! That ball needs 30 centimeters! " He does not just do that to get the ball back a few inches. He does this primarily to irritate the free-kick-player. If that free staircase ends over the safety net, his mission is successful.

May derive player from counterparty

Not only during a free kick he will do anything to get his opponent out of concentration. At a corner, something about the one who takes it is not forbidden? He is also not afraid to give his opinion to the opponent in violations or injuries.

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