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  • 21 Oct 2017
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  • 21 Oct 2017
    Electronic Arts has confirmed that from this Thursday, October 19th at 9:00 p.m. PDT (do not forget to check your local schedule) and until Sunday October 22 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, you can enjoy the best game of the NFL developed to date during the global free trial event. All Xbox gamers will have the opportunity to test the offline features of the latest installment of this legendary saga, including Longshot, the first story mode in the Madden NFL career, where your decisions will help Devin Wade fulfill his dream to join the NFL lineup.     Xbox Live Gold users will be able to team up with their friends to play "Madden Ultimate Team Squads" online, in 3 vs. 3. You can also relive some of the weekly NFL games with the Madden 18 Play Now Live feature. This feature allows you to use live updates of the latest lineups, custom comments and statistics available at   Also Madden NFL 18 will be on sale with a 33% discount during these days. If you decide to buy the game, all the advances and achievements you get in the trial version will be saved; so if you like and decide to buy it you will not lose any progress. And if you want to compete, just this weekend will mark the start of the first face-to-face Madden Championship Series, where four contenders will face each other in four challenging events and only one will be crowned as the Madden 18 champion.   There will be a lot at stake, as the prize pool reaches $ 100,000.00 USD. You can tune into the Madden classic live from Burbank this weekend through Mixer from Friday, October 20, from 11:30 a.m. at 7:30 p.m. PDT. The finals will take place on Saturday October 21 from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. PDT.   The Madden NFL 18, which has the usual gameplay and changes in the American Football Roster, follows the same course. This year, the game features "Longshot" mode, a story of two football players from a small town in Texas who arrive at NFL Draft to hunt their dreams. One of the creator of the game, Mike Young said, "This story was inspired by games like The Last of Us and Telltale's The Walking Dead." The budget for the creation of "Longshot" came in seven-digit numbers, after shooting in 45 scenes and containing 45 actors.   Be encouraged to comment on this news and share your impressions with us. Do not have an Xbox Generation account yet? Sign up one right now! If you want to buy excellent players in MUT mode after the release of Madden 18, you can choose buy cheap mut 18 coins for sale on You won't want to miss them. Check the entire post here.
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Sports 168 views Oct 21, 2017
Madden NFL 18 Achieved 938,065 Sales In The First Week

The Electronic Arts gaming company Madden NFL 18 was sold in 938,065 copies of the first week.



The game was sold to 602,405 copies for the PlayStation 4 console, compared to 335,660 units sold for the Xbox One.


Also, the game was best sold in the United States with 667,730 pieces sold. After the US followed Europe with 65,796 copies sold with the highest number sold in the United Kingdom (8,421), Germany (21,530) and France (5,882).


In parallel, the recent addition to the NFL 17, it was sold in total to 1,057 million copies.


Madden NFL 18 came in the market on August 25 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Do you want to make cheap Madden 18 coins for sale quicker for your game? If you do, you can visit Madden-Store to have more guides and methods about this. Also, Madden-Store is the professional Madden coins sales store, you are free to purchase from our site if you need.