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  • 21 Jul 2015
    Am I the only one who thinks that players shouldn't all have access to top players? I'd much prefer a game where it's a real grind to get half decent players. I'm talking someone like Giroud or Papiss Cisse would be a huge signing.. Kind of a bit more realistic. But hey, that's just me...   Some players (like myself) don't have time to grind a game just to get average players. I have disposable income which i don't mind spending on fifa but the price of FIFA points just doesn't make sense for me to purchase them, i'd rather save £20 an risk getting banned to buy Fifa 16 coins   I like the grind but I would like it in perspective. If Ronaldo is 1 million coins, and investing isn't possible and I'm not trying to play the FIFA Point lottery. At the current match Fut 16 coins system I would have to play about 8 months of FIFA -- and I'm far from a casual player, 994 matches so far -- to get Ronaldo. Who would be 1/11th of my Ultimate Team. By the time I'm there, it's too late to get a second player.     Which doesn't account for A) Needing consumables, B) Needing to upgrade players to compete against gold teams. EDIT: Oh and C) being bound to spend some well earned coins at TOTY for one of those pesky packs.   I want a grind, but if I'm playing with Giroud in March after dedicating this much time to the game, no thanks. I'll find something else that will reward me.   I think a game mode where world-class players like Gotze and Isco etc are a real special thing to see, as opposed to cheap cards, would be more interesting. I'd quite enjoy searching out for solid silver cards to sign, working my way up to gold players.
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  • 16 Jul 2015
    I wonder if Robb could get me a sit down with one of the higher people in the studio. Maybe for an editorial or something. Sure Ill get company answer but at least someone can ask the tough questions. Maybe give some input and see what their response is.   I live about 45 minutes from Burnaby, BC (I live in Burlington, WA)....maybe someone could meet me in Bellingham or something. Even better would be a few locals (Ive seen people from Vancouver).   That is the part that frustrates me is I think there have been some okay idea on this forum on how to proceed...from splitting the platforms, players in packs for a week , pack only, limited free trade market, etc. and you would assume they would want to listen to customers that obviously want the game to fun but at the same time want a level(ish) playing field.     I understand that they care about $$ and that its probably what it will take to get them to move on these issues is lack of FP sales. I GUARANTEE they are hurting compared to normal, on FP sales.   Yeah I was ecstatic when that showed up last week, with that said, it proves to me that these threads get read and there are ways EA could at least slow the inflation or give everyone a chance at getting some cards. In a month or so, have a week where every single special card (highest rated card for each player) in packs for a week.   Have each day have a different HH with a huge number of packs per account (like 5-10 50k/100k on those days) and then the final two days, have it round robin with huge amounts. That way SO MANY of each card get packed and so many Fifa coins get burnt on packs, that people will have a punchers chance at the cards they want but know are out of their grasp and will continue to be, unless they go a route that EA deems a "ban-worthy offense."
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  • 13 Jul 2015
    I wonder how many of the people complaining about the changes are cheats. EA didn't ruin anything, YOU DID.   Feel sorry for the true traders of course, but they are few and far between. The majority of the most successful traders were also for the most part cheats. Changes are welcome in my eyes and although there will be big teething problems for the rest of FUT15, I hope that we might finally see a return to some form of normality in FUT16.     Trading is a nice element to the game but has always been secondary to what the game is truly about. I would speculate that EA want the average FUT player to do the following (in order): Buy packs with FPs > Build teams, play games, earn Fut 16 coins > Buy packs or players (at achievable prices) from market with coins > Trade   If they have to place limits on the last part (due to cheating on a massive scale) to ensure the first 3 parts survive, they should. I hope they get it right and return the mode to the people playing the game as it was intended to be played. There will always be cheats but they NEED to be marginalised, not be running the entire game mode.   I agree, cheats need to be marginalised.   I do not agree that trading is "secondary". It is key to building a your ultimate team, when the rewards for actually playing are minimal - EA do not dictate what the game is about, the players do. If they try to force me to play their way, I won't play. Simples.   If EA want to release FUT as a separate game or add-on to FIFA, so be it. As far as I'm concerned I've paid for a full game and should not be forced in to paying more to get the most out of it.
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  • 09 Jul 2015
    One of the biggest advantages of Career mode is to live real live of football from managing your team and singing players live the season and experience the success etc ..   But   Fifa is trying to ignore this mode and not develop it more cause of Ultimate team which is there biggest concern ..   me and most of the players love this mode and we wanna a lot more that what we have ..   I really love this mode and Ea must develop a lot of Fifa 16 coins cause I do not like UT and as customer and a fan of fifa they must Listen to us ..   Things we must see not they should add :   1- More interviews cut-seen for the players especially when we sign them they must have their interviews like real live football ..   2- a lot of cut-seen for anything important like wining a cup etc ..   3- better and better contract negotiations   4- better team communications     4- see other team negotiations especially with players fut16coin bid on , we wanna more and more actions even in the news   5- more interactive actions between players and the Coach and the management   6- Team Training : we have been asking for this for ages   7- More Customisation Options   8- Archived stats : in depth archive feature will justify playing more than one season, as an ongoing tally of your players' total goals and appearances for the team will be interesting to look back on throughout the journey.   I've always wondered how many goals my striker has scored since signing for the club, or how many ratings my youth prospect has grown in since being promoted to the first team, even after finishing the season.   8- Reveal more overall ratings in the Transfer Network   9- More Manager Personalisation : letting us edit our manager's appearance in more depth, the game mode will become a lot more personal   10- more focusing on :   . Mandatory press conferences for big matches, rival encounters and after crucial defeats . A more complex conversation tree with more effects and stories . Feedback in the media on how well you dealt with questions and how the fans/board received your answers
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Business 1,764 views Jul 14, 2015
FIFA 16 Chemistry Styles

Hey guys, I myself have been wondering what stats exactly do chemistry styles affect, but since this info isn't really easy to find and most people aren't even sure how it works I am going to write here a small guide that can be used by you guys when you put that chem style on your player to be able to see which of his stats will exactly be improved.


First of all, I'm not quite sure if +1 chevron means +1 of that stat, but while writing this I will assume it is so.


Each FUT card shows 6 stats - heading, dribbling, pace, shooting, defending and passing.


The attributes that affect the:


heading stat on your card are the average stats of - Heading accuracy, jumping and strength
passing stat on your card are the average stats of - crossing, long passing and short passing
pace stat on your card are the average stats of - sprint speed and acceleration


shooting stat on your card are the average stats of - curve, finishing, fk accuracy, long shots, penalties, shot power and volleys
dribbling stat on your card are the average stats of - agility, balance, dribbling and ball control
defending stat on your card are the average stats of - reactions, aggression, interceptions, marking and tackling (slide/stand)


I am still unsure how stamina, positioning and vision affect the card stats. I suppose vision might affect passing, positioning might be a part of finishing(therefore shooting) while stamina might affect pace. But seems like they don't affect the stats shown on your card at all, which is quite weird since stamina is quite important but as you can see all the in forms have 99 stamina and it doesn't affect their overall rating at all!


The weak foot, skill moves stat, height and weight don't affect your heading stats or shooting stats at all either - despite the fact that they improve your player a lot.


Anyways, when it comes to chemistry styles if, for example, a chemistry style works the same as training card but sticks with your player permanently and IF one chevron(one green bar) means +1 of the certain stat then we can assume that the


Hawk chemistry style which affects +2 shooting, +2 pace and +2 heading do following:


Add +2 heading to your card, which means +2 Heading accuracy, jumping and strength
Add +2 shooting to your card, which means + 2 curve, finishing, fk accuracy, long shots, penalties, shot power and volleys
Add + 2 pace to your card, which means +2 sprint speed and acceleration


BUT since each player comes with Fifa 16 coins xbox 360, which adds +1 to all of your 6 card stats and Hawk chemistry style basically redirects the +1 stats from defending, passing and dribbling of your player to his shooting pace and heading he will recieve :



Hawk chemistry style affects +1 shooting, +1 pace and +1 heading and they do following:


Add +1 heading to your card, which means +1 Heading accuracy, jumping and strength
Add +1 shooting to your card, which means + 1 curve, finishing, fk accuracy, long shots, penalties, shot power and volleys
Add + 1 pace to your card, which means +1 sprint speed and acceleration


Minus 1 to passing stat, which means -1 crossing, long passing and short passing
Minus 1 to dribbling stat, which means -1 to agility, balance, dribbling and ball control
Minus 1 to defending stat, which means -1 to reactions, aggression, interceptions, marking and tackling (slide/stand)


So that means that a +2 stat boost chemistry style, for example, Sniper will do following:


Increase your shooting stat by 2 - ( curve, finishing, fk accuracy, long shots, penalties, shot power and volleys) and dribbling stat by 2 ( agility, balance, dribbling and ball control)


and reduce your defending, pace, heading and passing by 1


Player with basic chemistry style:


90 shooting 90 dribbling
90 pace 90 heading
90 def 90 passing


Player with Sniper chemistry style:
92 shooting, 92 dribbling
89 pace 89 heading
89 def 89 passing


Player with Hawk chemistry style:


91 shooting 89 dribbling
91 pace 91 heading
89 def 89 passing

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