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Business 49 views Feb 14, 2018
Cost-Effective Manufacturing Method of Rubber Extrusions

When manufacturing rubber extrusions, a top-rated company uses the most cost-effective method without compromising on quality. That way, they can pass the savings onto their customers, which helps build strong and lasting relationships. When it comes to the rubber extrusion process, there are several options. All of them are affordable, but they have specific benefits based on the types of products getting manufactured.


Some examples of commonly produced extruded rubber profiles include door and window seals, tubing, cord, U-channels, hose and cable protection, buffers, brick grabs, and more. These continuous profiles often get used for sealing purposes but are also used for draught excluders, weather stripping, gaskets, and so on. Depending on the product needed, the right manufacturer can make extrusions with simple geometric shapes or complex seal designs.


As for the rubber extrusion process, a machine melts plastic, which then gets pressed through a die to create the desired shape. One advantage of this process is that it can handle high-volume production at a lower cost than other methods.




Manufacturing rubber extrusions is a more affordable solution compared to injection molding. Not only is this due to lower pressure getting used during the process but also the overall cost of the machine. If you need top-quality extruded rubber profiles, it is imperative that you select a manufacturing company that relies on state-of-the-art machinery.


The material used for this process also has an impact on overall cost. Although some materials are more expensive than others, when used for the right purposes, they produce a product with high integrity. That means the product will hold up better and last longer, giving you more return on your investment.


For example, as a polymer material that often gets used when making household items, EVA is a preferred choice for molded automotive parts, and HDPE, which stands for High-Density Polyethylene, is perfect for piping, films, and bottles. Along with being moisture-resistant, HDPE helps save on cost.


Selecting the Right Manufacturer


Especially if you need custom extruded rubber, you want to work with a manufacturer that makes its dies and tooling. That too will reduce the amount you pay for the service. The bottom line is that for the most cost-effective extruded products, you want a manufacturing company that uses cutting-edge machines, superior quality materials, and makes their dies and tooling. However, even the skill level of the operator makes a difference in the cost of the service by avoiding mistakes that would delay the production process.