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  • 11 May 2018
    See how much an Information Technology professional wins and find out where the best opportunities are in the area!   Information Technology is the multidisciplinary area responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of networks and high technology products for communication and data exchange.   The great majority of companies, of all sizes and sectors, depends on intelligent systems that facilitate their day-to-day processes. It's hard to imagine life without computing nowadays!   Companies have to Find a Freelance It Specialist to share necessary knowledge for the operation and maintenance of various technological operations.   IT careers are rising rapidly in the ranking of the best paid in the country and it is possible to find professionals with salaries above $ 50,000 in this area. The demand for professionals is high in mid-sized companies, start-ups and large companies.   Salary of the It Specialist It Specialists do not have a single professional minimum wage valid throughout the national territory.   Salary floors vary according to the branch of the company in which the It Specialist operates: commerce, services, industry, and transport. The values are negotiated by the unions of each sector, in agreements and collective agreements defined with the employers.   The only exception is the case of Computer Engineers and Telecommunications. The category has a Professional Minimum Wage defined by law, valid throughout the country, linked to the current minimum wage. The values change according to the daily workday. Look:   6-hour day: 6 minimum wages 7-hour day: 7.25 minimum wages 8-hour day: 8.5 minimum wages   See too: Computer Network Technician Salary
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  • 11 May 2018
    An individual or a company can in theory, and even in practice, centralize, store and share its data on a network by creating with its own data center. For example, a computer and an internet connection are enough to put into production a server hosting a website. If the commissioning of this "home data center" is relatively simple, problems arise quickly. For example, the individual hosting a website on his own computer will very quickly be faced with the difficulty of obtaining a high-speed network connection of quality and above all reliable, the installation of a generator to prevent common failures, the rapid replacement of defective parts, ... Moreover, the internet connection of an individual is rarely equipped with a fixed IP address, which makes it virtually impossible home hosting a site visible to the general public.   These difficulties are such that almost no one today thinks of hosting a website on their own material and even more with a personal connection.   The production of a website or an application is therefore naturally done with a server and therefore via a data center. The data processing centers bring many guarantees such as the putting on a line of a secure, reliable service, having a very high-speed network connection and better yet a running of the programs on the last generation machine.   Data Centers meet many needs   The data centers provide their users with machines that can meet many needs and expectations. A company will be able to rent machines to store large volumes of data with optimal security and another will be able to rent machines capable of processing and sending data at high speed.   In addition, providers will Hire a Freelance Data Center Technician around the globe. Thus they are able to provide data quickly regardless of the location of the user.   See too: It Specialist Job Description
    111 Posted by Sushanth P
  • 24 Apr 2018
    Advanced knowledge of computers and computer systems: Be able to understand the way in which the pieces of equipment work together. Understand the basics regarding programming and system functions. Problem-solving and analytical skills: Have a logical and analytical approach to solving problems. Pay attention to the details. Find solutions applying creative and innovative thinking. Communication skills: Pay attention to the requirements coming from people without technical knowledge in the area. Be tactful when communicating with clients in person or by telephone. Being able to explain the inconveniences to colleagues or clients in a clear and concise manner, using non-technical language.   Working as Technical Support Analyst is usually the first ranking within the Information Technology sector. To enter the area, it is enough to have a university degree in Systems Engineering, Computing, Networks or other related careers.   In most cases, candidates with a minimum of one or two years of experience in the field or positions linked to customer service are preferred. In virtue of this, it is recommended to start through an internship or internship program that allows you to acquire the skills in the area. In addition, companies seek candidates with extensive knowledge of specific programs or applications, as well as specialized brands such as Cisco, in the case of networks, or Oracle for databases. This profile is usually performed independently or autonomously, and even remotely.   To Find a Technical Support Engineer, his profile requires working in shifts and, sometimes, it means working overtime to be able to meet delivery times. Depending on the size of the corporation and its nature, it may be necessary to have a support team available at all times.   As a Support Analyst, it is critical to work as quickly as possible. Being in charge of maintenance and repair of the equipment of the company, it is essential to be effective, especially if the breakdown is causing some kind of delay in the management of the company. In the case of Support Analysts who deal with the public, they must meet standards that require them to meet requirements in the shortest time possible.   Given the nature of this work, the individual may suffer certain discomforts arising from spending long hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer. Technical Support Analysts need to be careful when lifting and handling heavy equipment and staying in the areas where the followers are located since they are usually exposed to low temperatures.   Read more: Hire a Freelance It Specialist
    84 Posted by Sushanth P
Technology 381 views Jun 05, 2018
Analysis and Performance in IP Networks of a Telecom Engineer

The main result of this effort is the Up Performance Analyzer that has been selected by the Argentine Internet Chamber (CABASE) for the analysis of traffic between Internet service providers (ISPs) in Argentina, which connect to Network Access Points (NAPS). ) that the camera has throughout the country. The project has the support of the Internet Society that has donated equipment to run the Up Performance Analyzers there.


The Up Performance Analyzer follows the state of the observed flows, detecting in real time the limitations to the performance increase of each one. Each connection can be limited by the capacity of the network, by the speed of generation of data at the source, or by the capacity of the receiver of the data.

The flows limited by the network are those that try to obtain the available capacity and are those that provide more information about the quality of the experience (QoE) of the user.


The available capacity is obtained by the Up Performance Analyzer not only for connections limited by the network but also for those limited by origin or destination, through the study of packet times in both directions of each connection.


And you can detect problems of excessive buffer delays (buffer bloating), asymmetric traffic volume, saturation of bottlenecks, defective links and transceivers, saturation of processing in content caches, loss problems, and incidence of each type of limitation in total traffic, and a number of connections.


It is important to highlight that traffic is not injected into the network, To Find a Freelance Telecom Engineer passive measurements are used: analyzing the actual traffic of the users. The analysis covers end-to-end communication, not limited to the performance of the links and interfaces where the Up Performance Analyzer is running, which can be located in the Internet Exchange Point (IXP), in the Internet service provider (ISP), or even in the client.


Each Up Performance Analyzer of the camera processes the exchange traffic of many providers, then delivering consolidated information from each one to the Network Management System of the camera through SNMP to be used in the Network Operation Center (NOC).


Know more: Fiber Optics Technician

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