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  • 27 Oct 2015
    Are you looking for customized lapel pins? If yes, then you are at right place. Max Lapel Pins is a renowned company which offers unique and beautifully designed custom lapel pins at reasonable price. We deliver quality materials to our clients at very reasonable prices. We are providing wide range of custom cheap lapel pins, flag pins, trading pins, badges and a variety of other products. We believe in providing unique and colorful pins to our clients. We offer a wide range of pin design to our customers and also provide art and design services with each and every order. We pride ourselves on understanding needs of customers. If you are thinking of design lapel pins, then at you will find wide range of customized products. We offer various lapel pins, trading pins, challenge coins, badges and many more. In addition, we also provide art work and design on all the products. We focus on correct design and material used to finish the order. We have a year of experience in providing the best lapel pins to our clients. We use a very good quality material for design lapel pins for your company or organization. You can also give your ideas for design your lapel pins according to your choice. Our aim is to design an affordable lapel pin which will be good for your team or organization. Customized lapel pins are often used as an advertising tool. Lapel Pin is a great way to promote event marketing, graduation, member gifts, training, trade shows, fund raising, charitable events, employee recognition and many more. If you choose Max Lapel Pins as your lapel pins provider then you will get the proper service and delivery of your products on time. We are providing the most efficient and reliable services to our customers for their organization or for their company. We provide full satisfaction to our client. So if you want to buy lapel pins cheap at affordable prices, visit and order the customized lapel pins. You can also contact us at 1.800.746.3293 for any query.
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  • 20 Nov 2015
    Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) is a blend of two hugely popular genres of gaming- massively multiplayer games and role playing games. They are available either in the form of mobile based games or browser based games. The most distinctive feature of MMORPG is that one can interact with other players within the gaming world. With such a unique set of attributes crowning this genre, it is quite obvious why it has such a huge fan following and all the gaming fanatics are going crazy over it. But having a large market also means that there are innumerable new browser games piling up online waiting for you to try them. But are you willing to be guinea pig for every single one of them? Guess not. Hence rather you should enjoy the thrill of well known and exciting games such as League of Angels-Fire Raiders, Spirit Guardian-Vanguard Rush, Magerealm, League of Angles (LoA) and Knight’s Fable which have already made their name in the gaming arena for being enticing. Talking about the RPG browser games, in Magerealm you’ll have to protect the realm from getting seized by the dark forces, for assisting you in this difficult task, you can select in between different classes of angels and heroes. On the other hand, there is League of Angels (LoA) which is another popular browser games 2015 including a number of intersect combats with a combination of heroes which is preferable to you. If you are a gamer who enjoys quest driven games then in Knight’s Fable you can choose your favorite character and fight with the evil to win gears and rare gems. is one of the leading platforms where you can seek all these thrilling and exciting games. If you enjoy mobile based games as much as you love browser games, then you’ll love Spirit Guardian-Vanguard Rush and League of Angels-Fire Raiders offered by While League of Angels-Fire Raiders is the mobile game of its hugely popular browser version, in Spirit Guardian-Vanguard Rush you can accept unraveling challenges for getting upgraded in the game. If you want to know more about this leading online platform, rush to the website now.
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  • 30 Nov 2015
    Lapel pins need no introduction; they are the most cherished and remembered pieces of involvement and remembrances which people carry and are forwarded as family jewels from generation to generation. People who have lapel pins from a specific clan or group consider themselves proud to be a part of a group or a family which they belong to. When an organization feels it is important for them to mark their employees with remembrance, lapel pins can play a very important and a crucial role in this case. These lapel pins would make your employees feel proud and belonging to the company and add an emotion of confidence to their hearts. Max Lapel Pins is a well known producer of customized and well designed lapel pins according to custom wants and demands. These lapel pins crafted by Max lapel Pins not only claim to have a long life, they are said to be able to withstand factors which damage lapel pins through years. Max Lapel Pins has always been focused on being able to produce products according to client’s demands. The best part is they are the only lapel pin manufacturers who would be able to offer you with cheap lapel pins which provide the bearer with a long life. These lapel pins are customized according to your needs, our experts wait for you to send a rough sketch of whatever you want your lapel pin to look like and then they modify the design according to your needs and demands. Max Lapel Pins then finalizes the order and crafts your lapel pins. The lapel pin crafting process is long as it includes steps: Stamping Molding – to craft the base of the lapel pin Outline Cutting – cutting the lapel pins according to the design Attachment- putting all the pieces together Plating – Plating the lapel with quality metal Polishing – Polishing the lapel with necessary coating Coloring – Adding colors to the base Baking- Baking is done to be able to make the color stick to the metal base Epoxy Coating- The coating covers and locks the color securely under a layer. After these steps you get your lapel pin. Not only lapel pins, Max Lapel Pins Excels in producing and crafting patches, challenge coins, lapel pins, lanyards, custom pins and buttons, they even ensure best quality and product to their clients. With over ten years of experience they are sure to win your heart with the product they will produce for you. To customize your lapel pins cheap, visit
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  • 02 Nov 2015
    Fire fighters risk their lives and save us from threatening and crucial disaster which we walk into accidentally. These firefighters are a big family who are concerned about helping and securing people from numerous accidents mostly related to fire breakout, building collapse or explosion in city limits. To pay a tribute to these firemen, who with immense bravery have saved numerous lives, firefighter challenge coins are the best possible token you can gift to these firefighters. These token of appreciation will narrate the story of bravery and daring achievements for coming years and time. If one is looking for well designed and precision crafted firefighter challenge coin, the best services can be availed from has been providing their services to fire departments with unbeatable customer services. Fire Fighter Challenge Coins has a team of extremely talented and experience designers who design these coins with precision according to specific needs and demands. The history of medal goes back to World War I and II, back then carrying coin was a noble signs of battles fought far from home. Today these coins are commonly used amongst different communities and groups that serve public fearlessly. Fire Fighter Challenge Coins is specifically focused on designing and making fire department challenge coins, they provide varieties of coin designs like, 3D details coin, photo finished coins and cut out coins. Fire Fighter Challenge Coins can even provide anyone with custom design which they wish to have on the fire fighting challenge coins. These challenge coins are built with perfection, so they can remind the families and even the grandchildren of person’s achievements. To order challenge coins from Fire Fighter Challenge Coins one just has to long on to their website, fill out the inquiry form and add specifications you are looking for the fire fighter challenge coins. The next step is finalizing the design which their design team would send you. You can customize them as challenge coins, dog tags, medallions and bottle openers. Fire Fighter Challenge Coins provides bespoke services for custom challenge coins according to demands and wises of the clients. If you are looking forward to gift firefighter challenge coins, the most affable services can be availed from Fire Fighter Challenge Coins. For more information and order options, log on to
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Business 148 views Nov 03, 2015 Crafting Lapel Pins with Emot

A company is made up of numerous talented and very hard working employees. Remunerating these pillars of an organization is an important and a necessary task which needs a lot of attention to cope up with. Are you searching for a remuneration gift for your priced team? And you want to give them something which they can use to look back at time. Gifting your star employees or team with employee recognition lapel pins could be the most remarkable and a classy option. There are numerous websites and companies that stamp and sell employee recognition lapel pins, but if you are looking for a company that provides classy and precision built lapel pins to satisfy your needs the best results could be availed from to satisfy all your needs and requirements. has been acknowledged globally for providing quality recognition lapel pins. They specialize in the art of designing and crafting lapel pins of highest quality which would make any employee feel the honored and positive for their organization. has been providing their services of delivering and making custom lapel pins for over 30 years. With tremendous experience and professionalism they are always focused on delivering top quality work to their clients whether they are company owners or lapel pin enthusiasts. They not only offer employee reorganization lapel pins buy offers a range of products such as cufflinks, poker coins, wedding coins, bottle openers, badges, medallions, patches and etc. They offer their services at a price which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Whether you are a non-profit organization or a multinational firm, they can offer you bespoke services for your custom lapel pin demands.

Lapel pins were primarily recognized at the time of World War I and II, back then only army, navy and the air force carried lapel pins on their uniforms as a token of respect for handling missions away from homeland. In today’s world these employee recognition pins act the same way but are used by numerous companies and public servants around the globe to pay a token of tribute to the people who provide remarkable assistance and service to their employer. Taking services for Custom lapel pins from can help you satisfy all your needs the fullest as these pins and other items are precisions crafted under assistance of people who have more than 30 years of experience in lapel pin crafting.

To get bespoke designs and options for employee reorganization lapel pins, log on to