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  • Automotive repair and maintenance of common sense reasons inconsistent Ceramic Brake Pad wear

    Vehicle safety brake system is an important guarantee, which brakes and brake fluid replacement cycle is relatively frequent site, part of the problem is relatively easy to appear.

    First, brake pad wear inconsistent. Such as: the right front wheel of the car brakes well, a big left brake wear what is the reason?

    This is mainly during braking, the front left brake cylinder in the development of the brake guide pins catching (mostly attached to particles of dust and oil and other impurities) cause the brake pads and brake discs has been friction. Car front brakes are generally floating caliper brake, its automatic back is by rectangular seal. Recommendations to the professional car repair shop or 4S checkpointing cylinder dust cover, check the brake guide pins, and add a small amount of cleaning to remove grease. While the brakes It is recommended to always do the maintenance, to minimize losses.

    Second, the normal use of the brakes can not be separated brake fluid, brake fluid maintenance What precautions?

    Brake fluid known as brake fluid. Early cars with a mechanical brake drum brakes. With the development of hydraulic technology, safe and reliable hydraulic brake braking system is widely used in the car.

    Automotive brake fluid (brake oil) is liquid hydraulic brake system for cars. When the driver hit the brakes, pedals step down from power, the brake master cylinder piston, passing through the brake fluid energy to the wheels of each cylinder, so that the friction plates to open up, to stop the vehicle advancing purpose, when the stop brake , the friction plate return spring back to its original position. Brake fluid throughout the process is the role played by the force transmitted.

    Brake oil has water absorption characteristics, if time does not replace corrode the brake system, to traffic and security. Meanwhile, the brake fluid after water, the boiling point will be reduced, resulting in easy boiling produce air brake failure or result in insufficient braking pressure, the braking effect.

    It recommends that owners of two years or 40,000 km to replace a brake fluid under normal circumstances. If the vehicle is detected moisture content of more than five percent must be replaced.More information, please visit: http://www.antaibrake.com/
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Which brakes and brake fluid replacement cycle