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  • How to maintain the car brakes, the brake system is critical to the safety of the driver, the brake system failure once in motion, often lead to major accidents. So owners should pay attention to routine maintenance and fault elimination method of learning the braking system.1. Regular inspection, replacement of brake fluid

    Clean, high-quality brake fluid is the brake system to maintain good working conditions basic conditions.

    Monthly brake fluid level should be checked regularly, if the braking surface sustained significant decline, it should go 4S shop to be checked. Also high purity requirements of brake fluid, if contaminated by impurities or mixed with air, it will seriously affect the braking effect, brake fluid contamination and should put spare liquid rinse the entire system, and then filled with the new master cylinder fluid.

    The color of the brake fluid will warn. If brake fluid is too deep color, it may malfunction.

    2. Brakes and Ceramic Brake Pad should be checked trembling brakes

    Especially when the vehicle brakes car body shake, brake pads or brake discs are often caused by deformation. If the replacement brake pads and brake discs, temporary fault exclusion; a month or two, the failure phenomenon appeared, the side wheels should be checked, it can also cause deformation of the hub when the brake jitter.

    3. Carefully pull the handbrake after winter car wash

    The principle is the use of the handbrake lever to pull the hand brake force through the brake line to convey a force to the rear wheel brake system. After washing the winter, water may enter the brake lines, drop-down in the water status handbrake, and after long-term parking after water will freeze at this time, even if the brake lever is pulled back brake lines will not move . So, after the winter car wash, the car should be allowed to travel some distance, and then the parking handbrake.http://www.antaibrake.com
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The brake system is critical to the safety of the driver