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The cooperation between BT Sport and EA

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    March 3, 2017 8:02 AM GMT

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    BT Sport have declared that they've acquire the rights of broadcasting the remaining FUT Champions events live by TV within the UK.

    As one of the most influential sports TV in United Kingdom, BT Sport will broadcast the e-sports show for the first time, they will bring lives of FIFA17 global champions events who cooperate with the EA for a wide audience. It will show the Champions of Europe, North America, Asia Pacific regional league FIFA will live on BT Sport.
    This can be seen as one of major steps of EA Sports in 2017. The finals of FIFA 17 Ultimaited Teams Championships will be held in Berlin in May 20th to May 21st.

    BT Sport is also a subscription sports channel dedicated to football sports like the rival Sky TV. They own the rights to screen the UEFA Champions League, the Barclays Premier Leaguee and the UEFA Champions league. There is so much information and contents about professional football join the FIFA football game content can be said to be logical. BT Sports creats a natural step that joins FIFA innovation.

    FIFA 17 has sold about 1000000 copies in Europe last year even though FIFA is not one of mainstream-games like LOL and DOTA2. That's why FIFA is considered to have many potential audiences.
    In 2016, there have been many football giants embarked on e-sports, such as Manchester City, Schalke 04, Ajax, Paris Saint Germain has been organized.

    Everyone can watch the broadcasting of season 2 the regional finals and the final in May:

    Vancouver - April 8
    Singapore - April 22
    Madrid - May 6
    Berlin - May 20, 21
    , "It's just one more case of live innovation from BT Sport. "

    After launching with FIFA 17, FUT Champions has aroused great interest for FIFA, it has been tottering for slightly whereas when FIFA Champions appears and sparks. Some players are making a hit virtually in past days.fifa 17 coins