Venezuelans Mobilize for Recall Vote

Thousands of Venezuelans are descending on Caracas in a last-gasp effort by the opposition to force President Nicolás Maduro to hold a referendum on his rule—a vote he is fiercely resisting, as polls say it would secure his ouster.

VILLA DE CURA, Venezuela—After surveying the decay of his malnourished flock at a recent mass, Father Lenin Bastidas decided he had enough. The next day, he left his parish in the town of La Soledad—which means “loneliness”—and started a 400-mile walk to the capital, Caracas.

On Monday, Father Lenin, as he is called by his congregation, arrived in the capital after eight days of walking and hitchhiking, part of a wave of thousands of Venezuelans descending on the city as part of a last-gasp effort by the country’s...

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